About Pillow Talk

About Pillow Talk

This blog is a no judgment zone where I share stories about dating, love and relationships. I am not a relationship expert – I repeat, I am not a love guru; however, I am here to give you insights on what I’ve learned (and what I am still learning) in this journey of love.


About Elle

I’ve been told that it is not wise to share stories of previous relationships especially when building a new one as these experiences could serve to question your character. So, as instructed, I’ve carefully trudged through life holding on to these stories for dear life. I’ve prayed that I would not accidentally slip out one of my many mishaps in love to an innocent bystander. I have finally decided to let go of the notion that what I had gone through would affect how my lover would perceive me and, if in their eyes these accounts served to taint my image, I would be glad to close that chapter of my life.

I know those who had given me this advice we’re worried that there was a chance of a less than favourable reception, but I believe that the beauty of people is that we can bond over similar or shared experiences.

I wear my heart on my sleeve; I’ve always been very open and vocal about my feelings. So, here I have created a forum where we can have an open discussion on love with the hope that these stories will provide some strength to forge ahead.

Come get intimate with me, let’s get between the sheets.

–  Elle


For any general or business related enquiries: elleglamd@gmail.com

Twitter: @elle_affair

Instagram: @glambyelle

 You can also visit my other website elleaffair.com for all things beauty.

Based in Ottawa, Ontario


2 thoughts on “About Pillow Talk”

  1. This is a cute blog idea. It’s hard to share the most intimate details of life with strangers but glad you are taking the leap as I think every experience can be learned from!

    – Emily

    1. Thank you! I completely agree. We live and we learn so why not share our experiences in the hopes that we can all benefit from hearing these stories.

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